GE Predix IoT Platform Overview

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GE Predix is a software platform for data collection from industrial instruments. It provides a cloud-based platform as a service, which enables industrial grade analytics for operations optimization and performance management. It connects data, people, and equipment in a standard way.
GE launched its PaaS Predix, which aims at the industrial market, in 2016. Predix offers connectivity and analytics and creates digital industrial IoT applications for sectors such as aviation, healthcare, energy and transportation sector. The IIoT applications allow customers to use real-time operational data from connected assets and make faster decisions.

GE came up with a digital revolution in IIoT driving operational and business outcomes with its own cloud-based IoT platform for industrial use called GE Predix. By definition, GE Predix as the name says is a powerful predictive analytics platform for industrial grade application development in Industrial Internet of Things. Predix’s industry grade software services includes ready to use secure and reliable connectivity for the edge devices along with edge manager for deploying and monitoring devices remotely, manageable and scalable connectivity for your enterprise with predix cloud, Quick & efficient data storage, management & analysis using secure and reliable database to easily build, deploy and manage stream processing applications. GE Predix has been developed unleashing the cloud computing for connected machines in workplace environments.

GE Predix IoT Platform’s Architecture:

Predix was designed to target factories, and give their ecosystems the same simple and productive function as operating systems that transformed mobile phones. It began as a tool for General Electric’s internal IoT, specifically created to monitor there own products sold.

Built on Cloud Foundry, GE Predix is optimized for secure connectivity and analytics at scale – in the Cloud and on the Edge. Predix combines services that simplify development and accelerate your application delivery, offering capabilities including edge software connectivity, data management, security, analytics, mobile apps and development operations.

GE Predix IoT Platform Predix features includes:

  • A catalog of IIoT application templates that are used off-the-shelf with your data from connected devices
  • A low-code Studio that helps non-technical users build IIoT applications
  • Customers can manage connected devices using Predix as a dashboard and create virtual models (digital twins) of assets to predict and optimize their performance.

GE Predix delivers the industrial intelligence a company needs to transform their operations and generate new revenues. Combining sophisticated asset modeling, big data processing, analytics and applications, Predix provides the IT foundation for tomorrow’s industrial operations.

Key Predix features include: Edge to Cloud Platform, Digital Twin, Analytics and Machine Learning, Security, Developer Productivity and Applications Catalog.

A scalable, asset-centric data foundation is critical to the success of industrial applications. By harnessing the power of your industrial data, you can unlock new insights and new value across your operations. Predix Platform is a comprehensive and secure application platform to run, scale, and extend digital industrial solutions. The platform delivers shared capabilities that industrial applications require: asset connectivity, edge technologies, analytics and machine learning, big data processing, and asset-centric digital twins.
Build once and deploy anywhere. Designed as a distributed application platform, Predix Platform is optimized for high volume, low latency, and integration-intensive data management and analytics-driven outcomes. For application owners, this translates into improved processes, lower costs, and reduced risk.

Building Blocks GE Predix IoT Platform:

  • Predix System: The Predix System provides the software architecture and services required to make any machine an intelligent asset – bringing actionable insights to every part of industrial infrastructure and operations.
  • Digital Twins: Predix simplifies creating dynamic digital models of physical assets and systems. This helps you build and operate your own digital twin apps, and gain knowledge and insights about performance and predictions of future operations.
  • Security: Predix built-in security limits risk, adds control and enhances visibility in your ecosystem. You can connect with confidence, knowing your data, processes, and outcomes are delivered in a safe environment.
  • Machine Learning (ML): You can analyze almost any data stream from any machine or test equipment connected to the Predix cloud to create an automated analytics model for monitoring, diagnostics, predictions, and control.
  • Industrial Analytics: Predix provides data management and data science tools for predictive analysis of industrial assets and processes. This lets you improve business performance and avoid asset downtime.
  • Mobile Applications: Designed to work everywhere and keep data synchronized with backend systems and other devices, Predix mobile provides cross-platform SDKs and a mobile service for building always-available apps.

Key advantages of GE Predix IoT platform:

  • It will support a high degree of customization
  • It can help to maintain and manage equipment faster than ever before
  • Predix allows easy backend integration with legacy systems and apps
  • Unlocking the data from all industry equipment and faders it will create robust opportunity for data analytics

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