SAP Leonardo Cloud Platform for IoT – Overview

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SAP is the leading German software company. In 2017, it launched Leonardo as a purely IoT platform. But later, it was relaunched as a “digital innovation system” in order to integrate more emerging technologies in one place, such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data, advanced analytics and blockchain. Since one technology is not enough to deliver good outcomes for customers, this integral approach is really worthwhile. When technologies are viewed and implemented jointly, it’s easier to support businesses in any digital aspect and accelerate time to value.

Bring together data from the Internet of Things (IoT) and business operations in a collaborative, role-based work environment. This cloud-based solution offers real-time data from multiple sources – including SAP and third-party applications – and helps users run business operations more efficiently in a connected world.

SAP Leonardo Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the capabilities of SAP Leonardo, and includes Internet of Things (IoT) solutions that enables companies to realize the digital transformation of existing end-to-end business processes and to evolve new business models to run digitally.
It combines a solid IoT foundation, a range of IoT applications and standards-based IoT edge computing as main building blocks with a jump-start program in the form of a pre-packaged consultative offering to:

  • Significantly improve existing business processes
  • Develop new business processes
  • Find new business models
  • Establish new work environments

SAP Leonardo is SAP’s digital innovation system, bundling the latest technologies and services into one intelligent platform that enables innovation by connecting things with people and processes. SAP Leonardo makes it easy to adopt new technologies, integrate them into your business and scale the resultant solutions seamlessly as your company grows.

Leonardo’s components and services help organisations apply digital technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, blockchain, analytics and big data to create new business models, redefine business processes and create new working environments in order to increase profitability. Leonardo can be used in conjunction with SAP Connected Goods, the cloud-based IoT solution designed to maximise the value of mass market devices.

SAP Leonardo is predicted to be the leading platform for the Internet of Things 2018. The platform offers accelerator packages. An accelerator is a fixed-price package tailored to specific industries and functions. It comprises methodologies, the necessary licenses, development and design services. Accelerators help customers create apps from the initial prototype to the final solution.

SAP Leonardo Cloud Platform key features:

Real-time information:

Turn insights into action with end-to-end process visibility, View data from multiple business and IoT applications simultaneously. SAP Leonardo IoT Bridge proactively monitors your operations to avert potential problems.

  • Preventive problem solving:
    • Resolve potential problems with proactive monitoring
    • Detect patterns and anomalies in sensor data
  • Informed reactions to unplanned events:
    • Get real-time contextual visibility into sensor data with business KPIs
    • Provide decision support in order to react to unplanned events and provide problem resolution

Make better operational decisions using:

Actionable Guidance:
SAP Leonardo IoT Bridge correlates your IoT sensor data with business process data to provide better insights.
Identifying unforeseen events

  • Correlate IoT sensor data with business process information
  • Integrate with SAP and non-SAP systems
  • Identify unforeseen events in real time

Triggering actions:

  • Trigger actions in underlying source applications directly from the SAP Leonardo IoT Bridge work environment
  • Turn insights into actions with end-to-end process visibility across multiple IoT and business applications

Resolution support:

  • Gain fully configurable resolution support
  • Make business impact predictions for each offered resolution option
  • Monitor operations proactively to avert potential problems

Preconfigured Scenarios:

SAP Leonardo IoT Bridge can be tailored to customer-specific needs based on preconfigured scenarios.

  • Enable partners and customers to easily assemble, configure, and extend scenarios
  • Tailor the solution to the specific needs of your end users to help them get their job done


  • Create your own scenarios by developing services or bringing in existing services
  • Showcase IoT and enterprise application integration by providing reference scenarios

Key technical elements of SAP Leonardo:

  1. SAP Leonardo Foundation: Provides capabilities of data ingestion of raw sensor (thing) data, big data abilities to manipulate huge data volumes and data integration with enterprise software systems (action) to provide the ability to create end-to-end IoT solutions for businesses to leverage and drive the right outcome.
  2. SAP Leonardo for Edge Computing: SAP Leonardo for Edge Computing serves as an IoT Gateway, offering an exciting set of services that run at the edge of the network to complement the SAP Leonardo Foundation.
  3. SAP Cloud Platform / SAP HANA Platform

Key Benefits of Leonardo IoT Platform:

  • Reveal operational risks: Identify potential threats and business opportunities across the value chain by bringing IoT data into business context.
  • Distinguish deviations: Spot process abnormalities or deviations and assess their operational and business impact with a real-time view of data.
  • Increase decision-making effectiveness: Guide people, processes, and things with fact-based decision-making and actionable guidance that can enhance business value.

SAP Leonardo IoT Platform’s Plans and Pricing:

SAP Leonardo IoT Bridge is a SaaS offering for the public cloud. It is available through an annual subscription, with a minimum monthly fee of 8,333 Euro for unlimited users as of July 2018.


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